This Web site is designed so you change the text size,and other display settings through standard browser settings.

How to change your text sizes

If you have trouble reading the text on Web pages,you can change the size of the font to fit your needs.

Most Web browsers include functionality to let you increase or decrease the text in a Web page.For example,to increase text size using:

Internet Explorer

Go to menu items:View>Text Size>Largest


Go to menu items:View>Text Size>Increase
Windows Shortcut:Ctrl++
Macintosh Shortcut:Command+


Netscape 7 Go to menu items:View>Text Zoom
Netscape 4 Go to menu items:View>Increase Font


Go to menu items:View>Make Text Bigger
Macintosh Shortcut:Command+


Go to menu items:View>Make Text Bigger
Macintosh Shortcut:Command+

For a Plain Layout View

Turning off the style sheet gives a plain layout view,which:

Makes text black on a white background(or however your browser is set)
Puts all the information in one column(called“linearized”)
leaves content images
removes background images


Go to menu items:View>Page Style>No Style


Go to menu items:View>Style>User Mode

Recommended browser versions

We recommend the following browser versions(or higher)for use when viewing the Total Media Solutions website

Internet Explorer 6
Firefox 1.5
Opera 9
Safari 2